FIAS celebrates WADA’s Play True Day Together with sambo athletes around the World

The International Sambo Federation (FIAS) has distinguished the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) Play Authentic Day by dispersing tshirts commemorating the initiative into the activity’s athletes.

Play Authentic Day is devoted to wash game and is meant to improve awareness of athletes, both the people about the worldwide struggle against doping.

The inspiration for this particular initiative is due to an 2013 WADA-hosted instruction summit, that was attended by 17 Latin American states that were the driving force behind the initiative.

While it was started as a tiny initiative, this grass roots movement has gained momentum together with many businesses, such as for instance FIAS, and states participate in

Back in 20-16, FIAS established its #FairSambo effort that attempts to offer the planet governing body the chance to coach, to advertise clean game and also to observe the various motives to”play authentic”.

“With all our athletes and also the federal member federationswe can impact that this momentum to generate a universe where the sterile athlete awakens, a universe where athletes elect to keep cleanse of selfrespect, fairness into their individual competitors and to the pure joy that game attracts,” that a FIAS statement .

“Let us observe April 10 as Play Authentic Day together to highlight the gains of fresh game sambo.”

In August of this past year, FIAS organized an anti-doping educational conference in Mexico.

The occasion was held in Acapulco on the sidelines of this Panamerican Sambo Championships.

Trainers, coaches and other team agents participate in FIAS holding the convention for the fourth time in a row at the local contest.

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