Female Sambo fighters Point brawl outside the ring in All-Russian Contests

The 22nd International Sambo Tournament for both Women and Men Is being held in Vladivostok.

Sambo athletes, for example female, staged an entirely unsportsmanlike brawl throughout a Sambo championship on Russky Island, near Vladivostok.

REN TV has released a video by the fitness center of cina Federal University (FEFU) campus, that shows a athlete hitting a portion of those audiences, after an athlete at a blue kimono strikes a sambist in red shorts.

Supporters of this struggle showed prudence and were able to distinguish the participants at the brawl. The reason why of this episode aren’t reported.

The 22nd global sambo championship for women and men is now being held at the spot. The contests are all specialized in Yury Potapov and therefore are called”Memorial Yuriya Potapova.” 200 leading athletes representing 20 Russian places have assembled Russky Island.

Video: Female Sambo fighters point brawl at the championship on Russky Island at Vladivostok

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