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KentCombat: Martin Receives FIAS Award







Hi Martin!
SAMBO Master Club was organised in Russia. The Sambo Masters Club invited 8 Supreme Masters SAMBO to participate they were: Academicians Nikolay Laverov and Boris Katorgin, Generals: Aslanbek Aslakhanov and Valery Serebrjakov; Master SAMBO Mikhail Schulz (son of SAMBO legend 6-times USSR champion Genrikh Schulz) and 3 Grand Masters: Ilya Cipursky, Eugeniy Gloriosov and Myself David Rudman President FIAS. At the 2008 World Sambo Championships in St Petersburg you Martin Clarke GB, Dalil Scalli Morocco and Fernando Compte Spain were all invited to the Club and to be recognised as members of this unique club  
The idea of the club was to combine Grand Masters of World SAMBO and with the thought of us all working together in developing SAMBO in the World. It is independent, non profit making organisation. We will helping old Masters of SAMBO, Recognise and appoint NEW GRAND MASTERS.
My proposal is to develop lower levels like Continental Sambo Masters Club, International Sambo Masters Club and finally National Masters Sambo Club these are for the future. I hope you will support this idea because the work starts now.
With all the best,


I recently received the above email from the Legendary David Rudman President Federation International Amateur Sambo; this great honour was bestowed on me while I was at the World Sambo Championships in St Petersburg 2008. At that competition I was awarded a Gold Medal for Services to International Sambo but to be invited on to the Sambo Masters Club came as a great shock to be considered to be one of the top 10 most influential people in World Wide Sambo is a great honour. My career in Sambo, Judo etc stretches nearly 54 years and though I have a couple of awards form Martial Arts Magazines I have never received anything from The Sports Council, Local Council, Government or any other organisations and in all honesty because of my political beliefs I never expected one. So I resigned myself to never receiving an award by convincing myself I did not want one and they do not matter but this one does mainly because of the fact it is Sambo people who honoured me. Who would have believed when I took over Sombo/Sambo in 1983 I would be the first and only Englishman to become a GrandMaster, FIAS Gold Medal recipient and a member of this unique club. Out of all the combat Disciplines I have been involved in it has been SAMBO that has thanked me, I will continue to help build this unique Combat Discipline into the biggest and the best in the World



Martin Clarke Sittingbourne